NOUN Students Registration Portal for New Students and NOUN Returning Students

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This morning, Logging into the Noun students portal has not been quite through for Noun returning students and the Noun new students because the Noun Students Registration Portal state it boldly that You must register for the 2021/1 Semester on the portal first before continuing with your noun course and examination registrations.

01 Please Register for the 2019 Semester on the portal first

To get over the Noun portal registration alert. You are to register your noun student information correctly and accurately without missing a word.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This Registration is for both the New students and Noun returning students who need access to the Noun Students Portal for any task.

Now, See how to register and log into 2021/1 portal

NOUN Students Registration Portal Procedure for New Students and NOUN Returning Students

Step 1 - Go to the noun online registration portal =>

1 National Open University Students Registration Website Homepage

Step 2- At the Nouonline website homepage. Click on the 'STUDENT LOGIN' menu button

2 Noun Students Registration Portal login menu

Step 3 - From the New Nouonline Portal menu buttons, Click the 'REGISTER' button

3 Student Portal Register button for New Students Registration.png

Step 4 - Fill the displayed Noun students registration portal form and click the 'SUBMIT' button. Note that all form fields are required and must be entered correctly.

4 Noun Students Portal Registration form for New Students Registration

Points to Note When Inputting NOUN Online Registration Form Values

  1. Your Noun student matric number and email address must be writing in small letters, and enter your surname and other names in CAPITAL LETTERS.
  2. You may change your noun portal password straightaway but not your email address. Only the Noun staff / Administrator can update registered emails.

After Completing NOUN Students Portal Registration Form

  • Perform the step 1 - 3 again
  • On the provided space. Enter your Matric Number, Password and Click the 'SUBMIT' button to log into your Noun student portal.

5 How to Log into Noun Students Portal for Noun onlineRegistrations.png

What to do next...

  1. Upload Recent Picture to your Portal
  2. Pay Semester school fees to register noun courses and examinations registrations.
  3. Print your student I.D card
  4. See New Matriculation Date
  5. Download Noun Course Materials
  6. Review NOUN TMA Timetable
  7. Download Exam Timetable

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  1. I updated my student portal without knowing what do I now please I need help

  2. How do I get matric number